Virtual tour.

Need to make a property or venue stand out? Virtual tours showcase all the great features of a location in stunning fashion.


Used by many of the top estate agents, property videos are used to give the viewer a feel for the interior and exterior of a property. With the inclusion of camera movement, background music, and smooth transitioning from room to room, property videos create a highly immersive and engaging experience for the audience. Our expert production team use high quality drones and wide angle lenses to capture beautiful interior and exterior footage of your property.


Property Showcasing, Trust Building


Gardens will feel spacious, lounges will feel comfortable and homely, as viewers embark on a visual tour of your property. Whether it be a house, estate, or office, the team at Launchpad Films promises to deliver a professional and visually stunning video which entices viewers and makes them fall in love with your property.

Virtual Tour Video Key Considerations.


Background music is used with property videos to enhance the tone and feel of the property being showcased. To further immerse viewers, the mood and rhythm of the music should match the pace of the video and the personality of the property. Executed correctly, the combination of background music with visually stunning interior and exterior shots creates an impactful and memorable experience for the viewer. At Launchpad Films, our wide variety of music spanning across numerous moods and genres allows us to find the perfect background track to fit your property video.


Drone footage can be used to greatly enhance your property video by enabling the possibility of unique and eye-catching shots and viewing angles. At Launchpad Films, our drone services can be used to capture beautiful footage of the exterior of your property and its surrounding land. Drone footage also adds professionalism and high production values to your property video.