Make your product look stunning while illustrating its key elements and features with a carefully crafted product video production.


No matter the product or industry, Launchpad Films offers a full product video marketing service, including creative planning, filming, editing, animation, and motion graphics. With product video production, the possibilities are endless.


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Pique the interest of your target customers and build hype for your product launch with a promotional product video production. Or give viewers a closer look at your product’s most interesting features with a series of product demos. At Launchpad Films, we’ll help you choose the perfect video marketing strategy for your product, and create professional video content that showcases the best of your product.

Product Video Production Key Considerations.


Although conveying the benefits of your product’s key aspects is vital for any product video production, sometimes explaining complex product features to viewers can be a challenge. In these cases, motion graphics can be a great solution. Not only does the addition of motion graphics make illustrating important information about product features clearer and easier, it also creates a more engaging and visually impactful experience for the viewer. Motion graphics should be simple enough to not distract the viewer, but distinct enough to be identified easily.

Another important consideration when utilising motion graphics, is how their colour and design synergises with the tone and feel of the product. For example, software products may include straight-edged technology themed graphics, while beauty products may include more curvy and creative elements.


The tone and feel of your product video production can vary drastically depending on the location used. A studio setting with a backdrop or green screen can give a more abstract feel, while a realistic location can display the product’s functions and features in a lifestyle situation.


Add an audible guide to your product video production with a professional voice-over artist. A professional voice-over artist not only helps to express and emphasise key product features and information to viewers, but also guides them through each section of the video and keeps them engaged throughout. Choosing the right voice-over for your product video is vital. Our expert team of creatives at launchpad Films works to choose a professional and engaging voice which best represents the tone and feel of your product.