Send a message to customers from the CEO or showcase employee experiences and insights with interview video production.


Interview video production is widely used in video marketing, and for good reason. By giving themselves a face and a voice, businesses are able to build trustworthy relationships with their customers. Interview subjects can include company staff and managers, or current/previous customers can be used to form a testimonial interview video with which new customers can relate to and get a feel for the credibility of the business.


Trust Building, Company Insights, Informative Content


Don’t worry if you’re not confidant about being interviewed. Our experienced and professional production team will ensure that you feel comfortable and relaxed during the whole process, so that you can concentrate on delivering the key information in the right way. Multi-person interviews are also very useful when trying to convey a team based atmosphere. Interviewees in a multi-person interview can answer questions individually and together, and are able to interact with each other to show personality and teammate relationships.

Interview Video Production Key Considerations.


Like all video content, interviews need to keep the viewer engaged and interested from start to finish. To achieve this, a storytelling structure should be adopted in the form of a beginning, middle, and end. An interview video production should first introduce the main topic, business, or interviewee, and then focus on delivering the primary information and messages, until finally concluding with something memorable and encouraging the viewer to engage with the business.


In an interview video production, cut away footage is interwoven with the primary interview footage and works as a visual aid to the dialogue, helping to better illustrate the main points of the interview video. Cut away footage also helps to add variety to an interview video production and keep the audience engaged.


The location for an interview video production should convey the tone and feel of the business, while appearing professional and having good audio conditions. Interview video productions are often filmed at the location of the business, where the background can give the viewer a feel for the business’s atmosphere, however other locations which give a similar tone to the business or even studio locations can be used.