Use explainer video production to engage customers by teaching them a new skill, or showing them how to use your product.


Since the popularity rise of digital marketing, businesses have been heavily competing for the attention of internet users. With internet users now having short attention spans of only a few seconds, businesses have strived to market themselves in the most efficient way possible, by immediately grabbing the attention of their target customer with something short and snappy. This is where explainer video production comes in. Designed to be short and to the point, explainer videos stand out and engage viewers by delivering information quickly, visually, and effectively.


Product + Service Information, Instructional + Educational Content


Whether it be promotional, educational, or informative content, explainer video production enables you to connect with your customers with clear and concise video content. Explainer video production involves the use of professional animation techniques, with typical running times under 90 seconds long. While their animated style enables them to convey ideas and information to the viewer in a very clear, simple, and effective way, their short running times ensure that explainer videos get straight to the point and maintain viewer interest.

Explainer Video Production Key Considerations.


Explainer video production almost always involves the use of a professional voice-over. Voice-overs help to drive the narrative through each section of the video while coordinating with the visual animation to create a distinct and impactful experience. At Launchpad Films, we work with our clients to develop high quality scripts which engage viewers while accurately reflecting their desired business image.


With explainer video production, there are many options when it comes to choosing the animation style. Give off a sophisticated image with a realistic animation style, or opt for something more wacky to express the creative nature of your business. Whichever style you choose, just make sure it communicates the ideas and values that resonate with your brand.


When it comes to technology products and services, screen capture can be a valuable tool for explainer video production. A well executed screen capture ensures that content like product demos or how-to videos are interesting and easy to follow. Screen captures also give technology businesses more credibility, building trust with potential customers who can see your product or service in action.