Explainer Video Production

LAUNCHPAD FILMS are a London based explainer video production company. Explainer videos are one of the most effective ways to introduce your product or service.

With the rise of digital marketing, getting attention on the internet has become increasingly difficult. With internet users now having short attention spans of only a few seconds, brands have strived to market themselves in the most efficient way possible, by immediately grabbing the attention of their target customer with something short and snappy.

This is where explainer video production comes in. Designed to be short and to the point, explainer videos stand out and engage viewers by delivering information in a quick and memorable way.
Whether it be promotional, educational, or informative content, explainer video production enables you to connect with your customers with clear and concise video content. Explainer video production involves the use of professional animation techniques, with typical running times under 90 seconds long.

While their animated style enables them to convey ideas and information to the viewer in a very clear, simple, and effective way, their short running times ensure that explainer videos get straight to the point and maintain viewer interest.
Explainer video production almost always involves the use of a professional voice-over. Voice-overs help to drive the narrative through each section of the video while coordinating with the visual animation to create a distinct and impactful experience.

At LAUNCHPAD FILMS, we work with our clients to develop high quality scripts which engage viewers while accurately reflecting their brand business image.

See how much your dream explainer video would cost with an instant quote

Every video production project is unique and is quoted on a case by case basis, with the main factor being the number of days needed for filming. However, most videos can be filmed within 1 day.

As a rough guide, we charge £800/day for filming and £250/day for editing, but there may be additional costs depending on the locations & talent needed.

Find out how much your video production project would cost in just a few minutes with an instant quote.

Our video production process is comprised of 3 stages:

  1. Pre-production (concept generation, script writing and planning)
  2. Filming
  3. Editing

The time spent on each stage can vary depending on many factors with pre-production generally being the longest.

As a general example, a simple 1 minute long brand video could be filmed in 1 day and edited in 4 days without any complex motion graphics or animation. However, the pre-production stage could take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks depending on when locations and talent are available.

However, sometimes a video needs just that little bit of extra care. As a team of perfectionists, we’re meticulous and detailed on every project and we don’t stop until it’s just right.

We want to make sure that we’re creating the best possible video content for your business. That’s why all of our plans come with 2 rounds of revisions. Just let us know of any tweaks you want made to any of the videos and we’ll take care of it!