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With the emergence of drones, the past few years have been revolutionary for the video production industry. Their increasing popularity and continually improving technical specifications have meant that drones are now a key piece of gear to any video production agency. Their ability to capture footage that was previously not possible without enormous budgets has paved the way for new and exciting possibilities for video marketing.


Location + Venue Showcasing


Businesses now have the opportunity to posses high production value video content at affordable prices. Not only does drone footage make your video content look more professional, its visually stunningly images make it stand out from the competition, attract more interest, and engage customers. Glide alongside a speedboat hurtling through the waves, or capture a beautiful birds-eye-view shot of your property and its land. With drones the possibilities really are endless.

Drone Video Key Considerations.


At Launchpad Films we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality possible. That’s why our production team uses Mavic 2 drones. With state of the art gamble stabilisation, movement capabilities, and high end video recording specifications, the Mavic 2 gives our team the freedom to capture unique and stunning footage for all our projects.


With fully adjustable cameras, and a wide variety of movement capabilities, our video production drones are able to capture a wide variety of shots for your videos. Track a moving subject, pan to reveal a location, or zoom in to focus on a point of interest. These are just a few of the shots that can be achieved with our professional drone services. Not sure which shots would be best for your video content? Not to worry, our creative team at Launchpad Films will carefully plan every part of your video production to ensure your video content is optimised to meet your business objectives.