Oliver Wade Cues

Oliver Wade Cues is a high-end snooker cue manufacturer based in London, UK.

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To raise awareness of the brand through engaging content marketing which provides Oliver Wade Cues' customers with useful information and helps them to understand the various aspects of snooker cue manufacturing and what factors affect the quality of a snooker cue.


Due to the personal feel of the brand, we decided it would be a good idea for viewers to hear directly from the owner himself. So we decided to produce an interview series offering useful information, tips, and insights which formed the basis for an effective and engaging content marketing strategy.


We filmed on location for the day at a local snooker club to give viewers a sense of familiarity and follow the brand's personal, approachable feel. After filming numerous interviews with Oliver, our editing team took care of the rest, converting the footage into a clean, professional looking series of interviews.