Kensington Office Group

Kensington Office Group are a London based company providing prestigious office facilities to other London businesses.

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The aim of this project was to showcase the prestigious locations and facilities offered by the company, and informing potential customers about the services available. This would have to be achieved in as short a time as possible to ensure viewers do not lose interest, but still deliver all the key information.


It was important for the client to focus on conveying the sophisticated and prestigious nature of the brand, as well as delivering the key information. This led us to spend extra time scouting for the best rooms and locations to shoot. We also worked with the client to ensure the voice-over explored some of the background and history of the company to inform viewers of its heritage.


We spent 2 days travelling to our client's locations, filming all of the key rooms and facilities. We also used wide angle lenses to enable us to capture more of each room and show off their size. Drone footage was also used to display the surrounding area and add contrast between sections. In order to fully achieve the prestigious feel that we were aiming for with the project, we needed to make sure the voice-over talent was just right. We spent several hours finding just the right voice for the project, and our editing team was able to combine the footage and voice-over seamlessly to form the finished product.