How Hiring the Right Video Production Company can Make all the Difference

All brands must have a sound video marketing strategy to be successful. The fact is that videos have become an essential part of creating top-quality marketing campaigns. Videos can’t just be one piece of your company’s marketing plan. They should be its foundation, especially when it comes to social media marketing. 

The fact is that if you’re not creating videos, then you are not as profitable as you could be. Businesses need to hop on-board the hype train today because videos are the future of marketing and that future is here! Videos build trust, and that’s what your audience cares about.  

The first piece of advice that I can give you when learning how to choose a video production company is that quality is always preferable over price. Fortunately, video production is more affordable than ever, so businesses do not need to pay a fortune to produce high-quality videos. Some small businesses choose to do it themselves. While this is certainly possible, videos convert at such a high rate that it makes more sense to bring in a professional company like Video Caddy.

Why are Videos so Powerful?

First and foremost, 85% of internet users in America are watching video every month. The sheer amount of hours being viewed is uncanny and is expected to grow once 5G technology finally hits the market in 2020. With that in mind, here are several reasons why a video production company makes all the difference. 

1. Experts Excel at their Craft

Video marketing experts understand all the ins and outs of the video production game, so they have the skills to transform an average video into a masterpiece. They love their job and are quite good at it. On the other hand, when businesses try to produce videos in-house, they are passing specific tasks to individuals who might not have any interest in video production. They are just trying to get through it in order to satisfy their job requirement. Moreover, they will not have access to the same tools as a professional. 

Video production can also be quite hectic, so amateurs are going to have trouble organising it. Lack of experience often translates into a poor video experience. 

2. Videos Save Money

We already know that high quality videos have the highest ROI of any marketing strategy right now. The problem is that when this is done in-house, it is going to lower the quality of the video. Therefore, conversions will not be nearly as high for those types of videos.  

Plus, video production equipment can be quite expensive, so small businesses generally delegate video production in order to get a higher ROI. If they were to invest in all the equipment for a small number of videos, their ROI would be lower. It only makes sense to have a video production department if a company is creating hundreds of videos per year. 

3. Videos Create Engagement and Buzz

Engagement and buzz both lead to higher sales. One problem that a lot of smaller businesses have is that they are looking at video production as an expense only without seeing how the quality will affect their conversions. The fact is that higher quality videos convert at a much higher rate, thus making more money. So investing a little more will end up paying off in the end. 

Determining how to choose a video production company should be a decision based on the quality of the videos provided. Costs should always be a secondary concern. I’m not saying that you should overpay for a video. Just remember that the quality of the video will ultimately affect your overall profits. 

4. Better Storytelling

Video production experts are amazing storytellers, and if you want to sell your product/services faster, then storytelling is the way to go! Telling the story of a brand is proven to convert higher. This is one of the biggest advantages of hiring a video production company to help with your videos. Look at the best commercials in television history and see what they all have in common. Spoiler alert – it’s their ability to tell a compelling story that captivates viewers.

5. Production Companies Know the Current Trends

Small businesses do not have the time and resources to stay up-to-date with the latest video trends. That’s where video production companies have the advantage. They live and breathe videos, so they know what is currently trending. Companies that handle all of their video demands internally have to devote resources to research trends. Small companies are better off using their resources on tasks that grow their company. Production companies are able to create videos that people love because they understand what viewers want. Keep in mind that this changes on a regular basis, so it will be time-consuming to keep up.

6. Production Companies Understand Video Strategies

Having amazing videos is the foundation of a successful marketing campaign. Consumer behaviour changes so rapidly that it’s difficult to keep up. Fortunately, production companies can keep you on track and create a plan for sharing your videos. For instance, social media videos tend to perform the best, but they are also a bit tricky. Certain videos are more in demand than others, and demand can change on any given day.

7. Businesses Get a Higher ROI 

It always comes down to the bottom line in business. The fact is that highly qualified video production companies like Video Caddy will create videos that give you a higher return on investment. They are worth the investment because they help you come up with video ideas that perfectly reflect your brand. Investing in video production is essential to creating a successful marketing campaign.

Video content ROI Stats

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, your goal is to create videos that can be used to build strong, long-term relationships with your customers. High quality videos will build more confidence in your brand and foster loyalty. Videos are the current King of content so it’s important that you invest in them for continued success.

Article by Helen Clark

Helen Clark is a professional content developer at Video Caddy. She works closely with creative and videography professionals and has in-depth knowledge of video, animation, and storyboard topics.

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